Django Installation and First Project

First of all, django powerful framework for python on web. Sometimes django structures is complex and I need to remember rules. For this I decided write blogpost.

First we should be install some package for linux I used debian for this and my download command for debian.

sudo apt-get install python-dev

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv

sudo apt-get install vim

I am using text editor vim. If you don’t enjoy vim, you should gedit, sublimetext or atom editor.

Virtualenv is used for reserve a space. This method create area like virtual machine.


Second we go to system files. Then “cd opt” and write this command:


virtualenv ProjectName




Then we cd ProjectName and download django. For this we used “pip install Django==1.6.5”




Control django installation

1- open python shell

2- >>> import django



Create django project

1- startproject FirstProject

2- cd FirstProject

3-python runserver


Control project

1- open browser



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